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Fill media for trickling filters

BIO-ECO is a fill media for medium/high-load trickling filters, for household and industrial water reflux treatment.
The most common industrial wastewater treated via Bio-filtration are distilleries, agro-food, animal-rearing, plants, etc. BIO-ECO can be used in :
• Single stage trickling filters (BOD°5 equal or inferior 400mg/It. sewage).
• Double stage trickling filters (BOD°5 greater than 400mg/It. sewage).
• Double stage systems (thinning trickling filters, and active sludge in complex cases of heavy sewage depuration).
• in order to enhance existing plants, as a substitution of "traditional" fill media as adjunct depuration unit.

With BIO-ECO it is possible to build modern medium/high load trickling filters.
These are the updated versions of the traditional percolating filters (rock-bed filters) which were the first household-sewage depuration devices.
With BIO-ECO we have two main advantages:
• By percolation we use less energy compared to active sludge filters, simple maintenance over-load resistance,   reduced dimension.
• BIO-ECO's usage guarantees high specific surface and high void index, lightness that allows larger and less   expensive trickling filters.

BIO-ECO: BOD5 removal yield
(only for urban sewage)

Pressure drop chart