Shock Pot Treatment

Shock dosing of newly installed hot tubs or for bringing back into use after periods on non use.

Before leaving the factory, portable spas will have been wet tested for leaks. This process involves filling the spa with water and running it for a short period before emptying and packing it for shipping.

Although the spa has been emptied some water will be left in pipework and it is possible that harmful bacteria could have formed there, including Legionella. Therefore, it is impossible that the spa is dosed with a high level of sanitiser immediately after it is filled with fresh water after installation, and before the electrical supply is switched on.

To achieve a thorough treatment Persnickety® Aquatreat™ Shock Pots have been developed. They are simple to use by mixing the 2 bottles together (see Table below for mixing and dosing instructions). Once the correct level of product has been added the water should be circulated for a minimum of 1 hour.

Once Persnickety® Aquatreat™ Shock Pot treatment has been added to the water in the correct quantity leave the spa for 10 minutes, then switch on and run all pumps for 15 minutes, opening all air control valves if your spa is fitted with them, operate all diverter valves to ensure water circulates throughout all spa jets and pipework.

Finally, if your spa has an air blower fitted switch it on and allow to run for 5 minutes.

After an hour, the spa is ready to use and normal dosing using regular Persnickety® Aquatreat™ liquid and tablets should be commenced.


500 Litres

1 Bottle Aquatreat plus 1 Bottle Activator

Mix both bottles of chemicals together in a suitable jug, stir well and leave to stand for 15 minutes. The colour will change from clear to yellow.

1000 Litres

2 Bottle Aquatreat plus 2 Bottle Activator

1500 Litres

3 Bottle Aquatreat plus 3 Bottle Activator

Please not that the above treatment also applies if you drain the spa and leave it empty for a period of time before refilling, or if you leave it full but out of use without regular treatment.