Odour Control Media

Lava Rock Media for Biotrickling Filters

Lava rock media

Lava rock media offers distinct advantages over organic (such as bark, coir peat etc.) and shell biofilter medias. It is stable and inert. Light and strong with a high porosity and surface area for excellent biological growth.

The stone voidage allows continuous irrigation of the bed ensuring biomas thoroughly wetted for peak performance. Its crush resistancy make it ideal for space saving, small footprint, deep bed application. Has a 20 year media life, available in several grades to suit wide variety of applications. Full technical advice and support available.


Seashells Media for Biofilters

Seashells medIa

Seashells media offer well proven advantages over organic (such as bark, coir, peat) medias. The media offers excellent mass transfer characteristics at relatively low pressure drop.

Low bulk density for easy handling low maintenance media with pH regulations due to inbuilt acid buffering of calcium carbonate high surface area for good microbial activity 100% sustainable waste by-product resource.

Suitable for all biofilter applications where odours are organic in origin e.g. Wastewater treatment plants, food processing factories, animal by products / rendering plants etc. Minimum 2 – 5 years media life. Full technical advice and support available.


Oxidising Media – Chlorine Dioxide Technology

Oxidising Media

Our oxidising granular pelletised media utilises chlorine dioxide technology. Chlorine dioxide is an extremely powerful oxidising agent for example 4 times that of potassium permanganate.

Because chlorine dioxide reacts selectively and primarily with the most offensive odorous compounds such as hydrogen sulphide, organic sulphides, mercaptans etc. It is not affected by high relative humidity within a gas stream and it will normally provide a much longer service life than activated carbon and permanganate based media.

Typical applications
• dry scrubbers on waste water treatment plants
• landfill vent filters
• replacement for activated carbon media
• replacement for potassium permanganate media


Ammonia and Amine Removal Media

Ammonia and Amine Removal media

A dry, granular media specifically developed to provide sustained removals of ammonia and amines compounds in odorous gas streams, typically found in sewage treatment, waste water and industrial processing.

Media granules are loose filled into a deep bed configuration within the gas scrubbing vessel.

Odorous ammonia and amine compounds in the gas phase are readily adsorbed into the granular bed where chemical reactions result in odourless salts, allowing the cleaned air to released to atmosphere.


Desulphurisation Media

Desulphurisation Media

Our granular desulphurisation media is ideal for AD biogas or landfill gas desulphurisation.
It will remove H2S in both aerobic or anaerobic gas flows.
It is simple to use in maintenance free systems.
Free flowing granules provide a fixed deep media bed and do not breakdown.
Treats very high (>5000ppm) H2S levels and highly variable loadings.
Works immediately on demand even after long periods of non use and is highly effective in up to 100% relative humidity conditions.
Full technical advice and support available.