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Fill media for bio-filters

ECO-TRICK is an advanced orderly fill media developed and tested to design modern medium-high trickling filters for biodegradable domestic and industrial sewage. Diary plants, meat processing facilities, fruit processing installation, breweries, intensive breeding etc
ECO-TRICK is deployed in:
• SINGLE-STAGE trickling filters (sewage with BOD lower than 400 mg/L after decantation).
• DOUBLE-STAGE trickling filters (sewage with BOD higher than 400 mg/L after decantation).
• DOUBLE-STAGE Systems (heavily loaded sewage treated by degreaser percolator and active sludge).
• Enhancement of existing installations, as adjunct until or as a substitute of a traditional system.

ECO-TRICK's strength compared to lose fill media lies in its orderly geometry with wide and regular ducts which avoids clogging of the filter-bed and ensures:
• Percolation of sewage subject to fine grilling (solid matter in grilled sewage shall be equal to or lower than
  4 to 6 mm. Primary decantaion is always advised in these cases.
• The direct recycling of the effluent from the percolator permits simple installation.
• Other general advantages of ECOPLAST's fill media are:
  High specific surface which delivers high BOD removal yield even in case of high organic loads.
• Lower energetic costs compared to active sludge systems.
• Simple management and high-load resistance over longer periods of inactivity.
• Lightness which allows installation of more simple and less costly percolators compared to traditional ones.

ECO-TRICK: BOD removal efficiency (for urban sewage only)
ECO-TRICK's removal efficiency is directly linked to the applied organic load.