What is Pumice?

Pumice is a vesicular igneous rock. It forms through very rapid solidification of a melt. The vesicular texture is a result of gas trapped in the melt at the time of solidification.

Roxchem Limited is a major importer and distributor of the highest quality Lava Rock. Our product range includes all the major grades/sizes of Lava Rock/Pumice Stone and it can supply virtually any quantities. We are also able to manufacture customer specific grades to meet any technical needs.

Our Lava Rock is triple screened and washed and then graded to the customers’ requirements. Our standard range includes the following:

PWT-03 1-3mm
PWT-07 4-7mm
PWT-15 10-15mm
PWT-25 15-25mm
PWT-50 30-50mm
PWT-70 50-70mm

Other sizes and combinations are available. We also offer lava-rock in sealed bags from 5kg - 25kg as well as bulk supplies in big bags or loose bulk,



Common Applications

1. Bio-Filter Media (Odour Control)
2. Water Filtration (Clean Water)
3. Water Filtration (Waste water)
4. Beverage Filtration
    (Flavour Industry)
5. Abrasive
6. Cosmetic Exfoliants
7. Horticultural Gravel
8. Paint & Coatings Filler
9. Heat Diffuser (Grills)
10. Moisture Retention